Il TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Puntata del 1/4/2015

Il logo del collettivo di cui fa parte la nostra ospite Daniela Chinnici

Il logo del collettivo di cui fa parte la nostra ospite Daniela Chinnici

Nella puntata di mercoledi scorso  abbiamo messo in tavola un nuovo prodotto in arrivo direttamente dagli USA, o meglio, che si sta cucinando tra i forni a legna della Commissione Europea qui a Brx e quelli a microonde dei fast food americani… il temuto e attesissimo,  taciuto discusso e quantomeno in fase di negoziazione .. TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), ovvero Zona di libero scambio transatlantica, l’accordo internazionale bilaterale tra l’Europa, rappresentata dalla Commissione Europea e gli Stati Uniti d’America, attraverso il quale Bruxelles intende avvicinare il vecchio continente ed il nuovo attraverso la creazione di un grande mercato transatlantico. Leonardo e Piero ne hanno parlato con Federica Pesce, ex stagista della DG Trade della Commissione europea,  e con Daniela Chinnici, del collettivo Schaerbeek hors TTIP. Per più info sul TTIP in salsa Commissione Europea ecco la pagina sul sito della DG Trade.

Cosa si sta decidendo? Le aziende potranno fare causa ai governi? e perché un comune come Schaerbeek rischia di perdere potere con la firma dell’accordo? Ecco qui il podcast della puntata, tutta in IT

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    • Kacy dit :

      Algihrt alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

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    • My Telegraph is delivered every day at around 6 am – lucky me! but I do agree with you Pete about the deteoriation – I tend to flip through, scanning the headlines – and will occasionally read something that takes my fancy (but not much!), glance through the “hatches, matches and despatches” – well, “despatches” mostly, at my age! then turn to the back page with a sigh of relief. Sad, isn’t it?

    • Becca – Yes, life comes first. And it absolutely should. I think you are focused on the right thing, namely that all these people are reading your words each day and coming back for more. And your story, your blog? It is truly fantastic and I think it will be compelling to the masses. It is good to realize that my buds feel the same guilt about not being able to pop by every cherished blog every day. It’s just not always possible. I am thrilled to be in such good, understanding company.

    • http://www./ dit :

      Another "more things change…":"A long and rigid examination took place in geography, in the course of which questions were answered with facility, which I confess would have puzzled me exceedingly had they been addressed to myself."Steve Sailer blogged about an article where a modern educator (some DC administrator or other) made this same statement about the exam given to 5th graders.Since the tests show us exactly what everyone doesn't want to believe the impulse to tear down the measurement is strong and persistent.

    • http://www./ dit :

      Something always has to give. Personally, I'd rather have dirty floors that a dirty kid or dirty teeth. I'm also very glad I like my house. There will always be criminals right here in my little town because if cleaning my floors is required to sell, I'm screwed.

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