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Playlist 14 Dicembre 2011

Nightech – Aweary Human
Deviation – Lagunamuch Community 2007 (edition 1000 copies)

Coph’antae Tryr – Aagor
Research Chronicles 2007-2009 – HORUS CyclicDaemon 2011 (edition 500 copies)

Sustained Development – Melting Into Air
Sustained Development – Attenuation Circuit 2010 (edition 50 copies)

DJ Chaban – Track 8
Acid Kishlak – Hlobkorobrecords 2010 (edition 10 copies)

First Human Ferro – Seek Our Souls/Per Astra
Stardust – Nitkie 2011 (edition 500 copies)

Epsilon Eridani – Disturbance II
Disturbance – Essentia Mundi 2010 (edition 100 copies)

Kenneth Kirschner – January 4, 2011
Twenty Ten – 12k 2011 (edition 500 copies)

4 Responses to “Playlist 14 Dicembre 2011”

  • Hi,

    My name is Juan Pablo Valle and I’m the one behind Epsilon Eridani. I found myself in this list, but I wonder what is this list about?

    It says Radio Alma FM Bruxelles. Is it a list of recommendations for the listeners or actually “Disturbance II” was broadcasted on FM in Brussels???

    Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.


    • correntealternata says:

      Hi Juan Pablo,

      I’m Diego and I’m producing this radio show (Corrente Alternata), on air every wednesday evening in Brussels.

      Indeed your music was broadcasted in one of my December shows.
      I think I got your cd via Stefan Knappe of Drone records.

      You can stream my show from the http://radioalma.eu website, unfortunately only stream, no podcasts. The radio is not a commercial one and so our budget is limited… 😉

      Regards, Diego

      • Nice to meet you Diego,

        Please, tell me: is there any way to listen that show? I already understand there is not podcast available, but I was wondering: What if you record your show digitally just for your own pleasure? Perhaps I might have a copy!! Of course… if you get it.

        I’d like to listen to your show but I didn’t know Epsilon Eridani was going to be broadcasted. Thanks anyway my friend 🙂


        • correntealternata says:

          hi Juan Pablo,

          sorry no, i do not record them for myself.
          the radio does it usually, but i never retrieve them.
          next time i broadcast your music i let you know and try and get it for you.

          best, Diego

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