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Playlist 30 Marzo 2022

T2N0Greyscale 2022

Illusion Of Safety The Great Diversion
New Rules, Same Game, Less Instruction ‎- Drone Records 2021 (edition 250 copies)

Anna von Hausswolff Sacro Bosco
All Thoughts FlySouthern Lord 2020

Capricorni PneumaticiThe Call Of The First Aethyr
Putredini ObnoxiusAlma De Nieto 2017

Ain SophLive At Piper 1986
Live At Piper 1986Hau Ruck! SPQR 2021 (edition 616 copies)

Arseny LitvinPluto Flower – Chapter Two
Pluto Flower – Chapter Two ‎ – Self-produced 2021 (edition 14 copies)

Brian GraingerO Cold Bones Of Lucifer
Sun Trails [2006-2011]Milieu Music 2015 (edition 37 copies)

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